Author Donna Williams on Autism, DID

In this moving interview with Peter Gzowski on CBS radio (Toronto), Donna Williams shares her experience as a person with autism, and DID. From the About page on her blog: Donna Williams is an Australian born adult with autism who was assessed as psychotic at the age of 2 in 1965, labelled disturbed in […]

Another Gifted Artist Who Has DID

Since I began this site I’ve discovered so many wonderfully talented artists, of all disciplines.  Eventually I’d like to create a special collection featuring samples of each artist’s work, a short bio, and contact information. I’ve put together the beginnings of a list, here, for a start. Art in Paradise: Thicker Skin Artist Lisa Foster […]

New Blog on DID by Prominent Author

Matthew Branton re-surfaces here: From the About page: Matthew Branton is a defrocked former novelist, author of The Love Parade, The House of Whacks, Coast and The Hired Gun, amongst far too many others. He disappeared up his own fundament in 2003, following a particularly crunchy breakdown, but is finally ready to start publishing again (I’m a bit backed-up, […]