Blind to Betrayal

Dr. Jennifer Freyd, Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, whose parents birthed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in response to her accusations, has published a new book further exploring her Betrayal Trauma theory. BLIND TO BETRAYAL Betrayal is fundamental to the human condition. Betrayal is everywhere and yet because of betrayal blindness […]

Brian Moss on DID and Extreme Abuse

The following is taken from an article originally published in the Survivorship Journal, Vol. 18, Issue 12, P.4, entitled “Interview with Brian Moss”. Brian, a therapist who has worked with extreme abuse survivors who have DID for more than 25 years, lays out the finer points of what’s important for both therapists and survivors in […]

“Multiple Hearts” Artshow by Dr. Beth Allen

Solo show by artist and veterinarian, Dr. Beth Allen, about her personal journey with DID, runs through February in Batavia, NY. Artist’s Solo Show is a Revealing Personal Journey By Joanne Beck Dr. Beth Allen has been fairly open about her life. Her first solo art exhibit furthers that by taking visitors on an intimate […]

Ten Benefits of Having DID

From Kathy Broady, LCSW Read the whole article: Ten Benefits of Having Multiple Personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder – DID, MPD By Kathy Broady, LCSW … I see the following ten benefits in multiplicity: Being able to do more than one thing at the same time. Talk about having the ability to multi-task! I’ve […]

Among My Heroes, Part 1

This is Part 1 because I have many heroes today, despite the fact that only a few years ago I would have scoffed at the term. It would have been highly unfair for me to do so.  A number of individuals throughout the Diva’s life have behaved towards her and others in very heroic, and […]

We Are All Data

The following are excerpts from Wanda Karriker’s recent webinar for Survivorship: The Aftereffects of Extreme Child Abuse and the Resiliency of the Human Spirit. It is well worth the quick read, moving and powerful. She reviews how the Extreme Abuse Survey (EAS) came into being, the state of the evidence and current levels of denial […]