Blind to Betrayal

Dr. Jennifer Freyd, Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, whose parents birthed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in response to her accusations, has published a new book further exploring her Betrayal Trauma theory.

Betrayal is fundamental to the human condition. Betrayal is everywhere and yet because of betrayal blindness often not seen. Drawing on empirical research, clinical thought, and real stories, we will explore with the reader central questions about betrayal and betrayal blindness: What is betrayal? What is its scope? Why are we often blind to it? What are the mental mechanisms that underlie betrayal blindness? What are the effects of betrayal blindness? How should we overcome the effects of betrayal and our blindness to it? How do we become aware of it and heal from its effects? We can create a better world together by facing betrayal and learning to trust ourselves and each other. Dedicated to JQ Johnson, 1951-2012

Robin Morgan briefly interviews Jennifer Freyd about her new book, Blind to Betrayal. It’s well worth the listen. How significant a role does blindness to betrayal play in continued popular support for corrupt leaders and institutions? Perhaps this theory can point to a gentler way in for activists.

I cannot recommend highly enough, especially to survivors of child abuse, Freyd’s earlier work:
Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse


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