A Little Help rather than Hindrance from The Media… If you are so inclined, please send a comment to the author. Can a Ballerina Make Out With Her Alternate Self? An Expert Debunks Multiple-Personality Movie Tropes By Gwynne Watkins 2/25/11 at 12:45 PM On Sunday, Natalie Portman is expected to take home the naked statuette […]

Shall We Discuss This?

There are 120 comments on the article, the majority of them lambasting Stevens for attempting a DID defense.  What are your thoughts? Stevens: I didn’t know alter ego was stealing Jan. 21, 2011 Written by TOM WITOSKY Phyllis Stevens says she first learned she embezzled nearly $6 million from her employer on the day Aviva […]

And yet more Art, Art, Art…

Ray Caesar, the Canadian artist who turned down Madonna AMY VERNER From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Ray Caesar requests that we meet at a Starbucks in Toronto’s PATH, a system of bland subterranean walkways beneath the city’s financial district, where a sea of people in dark suits creates an energy that is at once frenetic […]