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The Diva thinks this short video is very strong in some ways, but she has issues with the beginning and setting which may make for a dramatic set-up but don’t help with stigmatizing perceptions. What do you think?


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  1. This video is lame. Okay, its well made. But most people with DID are functional people, at least more functional than the character in this short film.

    This film does not address the cause of the mans DID. PROBLEM!

    there is always a cause… AND THE CAUSE SHOULD BE THE FOCUS AND ATTENTION of much of the discussion about the subject. Without that piece, the best doctors in the world are just highly educated ostriches with their heads in the sand.

    I give this video a thumbs-down. Sensationalist, non-educational, and upsetting.

  2. I liked many things about the video. I agree with you both.

    Makes me think of the movie about the bomb tech in Iraq movie out last year. I thought it was great and gave me an understanding of something I did not understand at all.

    Later, I spoke with some friends who actually had these jobs in Iraq. It really bothered them how unrealistic the film was. It was then that I saw the connection between my own anger at shows like United States of Tara. People who don’t have a clue in hell at least get some type of clue from the show.

    Same with this video. Some aspects are a good portrayal but then others are not.

    I wish there were an accurate movie out there about DID showing high functioning journey toward recovery.

    So much stigma, so little knowledge.

  3. DIVA,

    I agree there are many good points as well as areas that bring up the same old debates again.

    I immediately related to the vivid portrayal of how it can feel with all the chatter and activity that goes on simultaneously. This is an aspect that is so difficult to try to explain to other people, and is so hard for them to grasp.

    With regard to the setting, many DID’s have to have inpatient treatment (I never have) but the setting here is quite extreme – padded walls, etc. I agree that its for effect and might play into the same old stigmas. Portrayals of DID go from one extreme to another, this being one of the extremes. I don’t give this a thumbs-down yet, because as I said, I think it demonstrates pretty vividly how it can be to sit in that seat, and that demonstration might give others a bit more understanding.

    I even liked the concept of internal therapist, as many of us do have someone who tries to organize the others and can help give the front a stable appearance in times of crisis. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, I’m glad you did.


  4. I understand what you are saying about “dramatizing”. I mean it looks like a prison (or at least how I see prisons on TV). Otherwise, the portrayal of the voices and conflicts was very real to me. And the conclusion was great.

  5. I just watched this. There are so many different variations of DID that one portrayal does not represent everyone.

    I found the ending to be rather eerie. Was the doctor now a new alter? What the doctor always an alter who simply brought order to the system so they could deal with the real doctor?

    I have to say I did not really like it. It left me shaking.

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