Please Pardon My…


(Neuro-realism reflects the uncritical way in which a fMRI investigation can be taken as validation or invalidation of our ordinary view of the world. Neuro-realism is, therefore, grounded in the belief that fMRI enables us to capture a ‘visual proof’ of brain activity, despite the enormous complexities of data acquisition and image processing.)

…Until some intrepid team of well funded debunkers accurately and repeatably tears down the statistical analysis methods of the various and specific FMRI studies bolstering the existence of differing brain activity patterns for alter ego states in cases of DID.

Whew! that was a mouth full! I hope you follow my point.  I wonder if this is the vanguard for the next skeptic brigade? We shall see I suppose.

Of course it might help discussion in general if I got to some point near half way finished of listing those studies and others here on the site.  The Diva asks for your forgiveness in that area as well, but she’s been busy with out of town guests.

Yes, Annie, “Follow the trail of personalities!”… was very funny. Various of us are still giggling.


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