DID Celebrities

Rosanne Barr

“There are some horrible parts to this disorder, contrary to popular belief it is not all fun and games. most of it is fun and games, but the problem comes in when you have to access a memory. You cannot find it in your mind at all, you have no memories at that moment. After a few moments of scanning the files you usually can retrieve the memory, but sometimes you will be searching the memory banks for years and forget that you live somewhere. When these kind of “attacks of amnesia” come upon you, they are absolutely terrifying.”

Hershal Walker bookBreaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder

By Herschel Walker, Forward by: Jerry Mungadze

(Publisher’s note) Herschel Walker is widely regarded as one of football’s greatest running backs. He led the University of Georgia to victory in the Sugar Bowl on the way to an NCAA Championship and he capped a sensational college career by earning the 1982 Heisman Trophy. Herschel spent twelve years in the NFL, where he rushed for more than eight thousand yards and scored sixty-one rushing touchdowns.

But despite the acclaim he won as a football legend, track star, Olympic competitor, and later a successful businessman, Herschel realized that his life, at times, was simply out of control. He often felt angry, self-destructive, and unable to connect meaningfully with friends and family. Drawing on his deep faith, Herschel turned to professionals for help and was ultimately diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder.

Call Me Crazy

By Anne Heche

Actress and former partner of Ellen DeGeneres came out with her autobiography in 2003. It is no longer available.


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