Sybil was not a Fraud

Sybil was not a fraud. Imagine if someone took a few facts about your life and wrapped an entirely false narrative around them making you out to be something that you never were, and destroying your reputation. Everyone should be concerned about this kind of activity. Every one of us should stand up against it. […]


A Little Help rather than Hindrance from The Media… If you are so inclined, please send a comment to the author. Can a Ballerina Make Out With Her Alternate Self? An Expert Debunks Multiple-Personality Movie Tropes By Gwynne Watkins 2/25/11 at 12:45 PM On Sunday, Natalie Portman is expected to take home the naked statuette […]

Shall We Discuss This?

There are 120 comments on the article, the majority of them lambasting Stevens for attempting a DID defense.  What are your thoughts? Stevens: I didn’t know alter ego was stealing Jan. 21, 2011 Written by TOM WITOSKY Phyllis Stevens says she first learned she embezzled nearly $6 million from her employer on the day Aviva […]

And yet more Art, Art, Art…

Ray Caesar, the Canadian artist who turned down Madonna AMY VERNER From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Ray Caesar requests that we meet at a Starbucks in Toronto’s PATH, a system of bland subterranean walkways beneath the city’s financial district, where a sea of people in dark suits creates an energy that is at once frenetic […]