Sybil was not a Fraud

Sybil was not a fraud. Imagine if someone took a few facts about your life and wrapped an entirely false narrative around them making you out to be something that you never were, and destroying your reputation. Everyone should be concerned about this kind of activity. Every one of us should stand up against it.

Nathan’s work and her PR campaign are an attack not only upon the 3 dead woman she targets who cannot defend themselves, but upon all survivors of extreme abuse.

From a concerned clinician:

I collected a range of sites to show what a major push this propaganda is getting:
New Scientist?!
From Rush to NPR, now that’s coverage. Meanwhile, complete blackout on that fact that Tokyo is more radioactive than the Chernobyl evacuation area (

Wanda Karriker’s review from Amazon books:

According to the product description of SYBIL EXPOSED, “Nathan gives proof that the allegedly true story was largely fabricated.”Although Nathan did a good job of constructing a narrative of how and why she believes the book SYBIL came to be, neither the patient (Shirley Mason aka Sybil, the psychiatrist (Wilbur), nor the author (Schriebner) are alive to defend against Nathan’s interpretations of their interactions and their motivations to produce the book.

On p. 396 (Kindle), Nathan states that Wilbur “used her medical credentials to aggressively promote a diagnosis [multiple personality disorder] that, ultimately, hurt women far more than it helped them . . .”

As a journalist Nathan has a right to use her research findings to impugn the motives of Dr. Wilbur; however, she offered no research to support her contention that the diagnosis “hurt women far more than it helped them.”

Wanda Karriker, Ph.D. Morning, Come Quickly


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