Trish Fotheringham Video

Jan 09th 2011

I know Trish to be a brave and well spoken survivor of extreme abuse. Below is a clip both she and psychologist Ellen Lacter produced of Ellen’s 3 hour interview with her. In the interview, Trish goes into great detail about her recovery process and what it’s like to live with DID.

The 3 DVD set is available on Trish’s website:



2 Responses to “Trish Fotheringham Video”

  1. Paul Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Hearing it validates what I believe and know. Thank!

  2. Maryam Ruhullah Says:

    Thank you Trish and Dr. Lacter for this very insightful video. I am a survivor of Mind-control via Mk-Ultra who is still struggling to have my full memories returned. It is always encouraging to see a whole healed survivor. Continue your contribution to others and many the higher power guide your path.

    Maryam Ruhullahj

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