4 thoughts on “Comments Requested: Movie

  1. I just watched the trailer. I seem to recall reading something about it. It looks interesting. I wish I could watch it. They supposedly have it online to watch, but I don’t trust streaming sites.

  2. I’ve heard about this movie. I thought it was going to appear like a joke. But the trailer looks like it treats DID well. With respect. And, as far as trailers go, with a good deal of accuracy. We’ll see…

  3. Hi,

    I watched it over the weekend. They did some aspects really well – the melding of the “then and now” into one reality in particular. They showed her as sometimes violent and unpredictable, which wasn’t so good.

    Sorry, I’m not quite with it, so don’t remember all of it. But I remember thinking that I’ve seen worse. Hardly a brilliant recommendation, I know, but I honestly don’t remember much of it. So it was fairly inoffensive – although they did show her as violent, which wasn’t so good.


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